In previous tutorial, we introduced how to apply for Office 365 E5 developer subscription and how to use its OneDrive to build your own drive index program

Today, let's take a look at how to use Office 365 E5 to configure your own domain email service for free

Free domain email service comparison

Before we begin, we can briefly take look at current free domain email service

Domian110001Base on your subscriptionBase on your subscription
User5Unlimited1Base on your subscriptionBase on your subscription
Home PageZohoYandexPostaleGoogleMicrosoft

Postale doesn't have free plan now, above it's the old free version

We can choose base on our preference

Domain email configuration

In order to utilize our E5 subscription, here I will use Microsoft 365 E5 Developer Subscription to demonstrate

First, log into our E5 portal through and select admin in the bottom left

Here, click show all- setting - domains - add domain

Then, enter the domain name we want use and click Use this domain

Next, it will ask us to verify the domain, if your domain is hosted on the Cloudflare, you can just keep the default and login to the Cloudflare to verify

Of course, you can click more options to choose the other verification method that suits you

After verification, it will ask us to add three DNS records

We just need to add these records to our Cloudflare portal

You can choose to let Microsoft auto-config for you or you can add these manually

After all the configuration is complete, it's basically look like this

You can also click advanced options to configure other services

If you only need to use the domain email service, you only need to configure the first three records

Catch-all mailbox setting

First, Click exchange in the bottom left

Then choose recipients - groups - add dynamic distribution list

Type any display name we want, choose our main account as the Owner

Then under members, select only the following recipient types - Users with Exchange mailboxes

Click save, then select mail flow - accepted domains

Double click our domain and change it to Internal Relay

Next, select rules - Create a new rule

Type any name we want, here I will use catchall。Allpy this rule if let's select The recipient - is located - Outside the organizaiton

Do the following choose Redirect the message to then select the email account we want to redirect to`

Click more options - Excipt if - The recipient is a member of then choose the alluser group we just created. Click save.

Video tutorial



Last modification:March 6, 2021
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